Whistleblower Reveals 5 JetBlue Pilots DIED From February-May 2021

Last month, I reported on the mysterious deaths of 4 British Airways pilots within a one week timeframe.

The airline and mainstream media have suppressed the story and refuse to address the experimental COVID-19 vaccination status of the deceased pilots.

Because if the public knows healthy pilots are dying from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, it will cause a firestorm of panic and outrage.

But reports indicate that all the pilots had received the experimental jab.

With that in mind, a whistleblower from another major airline has come forward with shocking claims.

According to a whistleblower from JetBlue Airways, 5 pilots passed away between February and May of 2021.

When was the last time you heard of that many pilots from a single airline dying within a few months?

And the airline has refused to release the vaccination status of the deceased pilots.

In fact, it appears they’ve attempted to sweep the deaths under the rug and they haven’t received much attention.

Here’s more:

Jul 17, Dr. Ruby with Stu Peters, Concern over spike protein production after vax trigger fatal pulmonary embolism. Pilots are healthy and should not be dropping dead after shot https://t.co/ACIL17dxu2

— COVID-19 Evidence-Based Clinical Response Panel (@cov19treatments) July 17, 2021

Watch the report from the Stew Peters Show on Rumble:

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