Unknown points of the Pegasus Airline, Trabzon Accident

On January the 13th, 2018 flight PC8622, a Boeing 737-800 of Pegasus Airlines skidded of the runway at Trabzon Airport in the night of January 13th.

Pegasus flight 8622 suffered a runway excursion after landing on runway 11 at Trabzon Airport, Turkey. The aircraft went off the left side of the runway and stopped on a steep downslope.

All 168 people on board survived.
The flight made a straight in approach to runway 11 and touched down at 23:25 hours.
About 2400 m past the runway 11 threshold, the aircraft went off the left side. It travelled across the grass and went down a steep slope, coming to rest with the tail sticking out about 5 meters above runway level. The no. 2 (Right) engine broke away in the slide and fell into the sea. The occupants evacuated through the rear and over wing emergency exits.

What is the Runway 11 Conditions ?
* Runway 11 is an asphalt runway with a Landing Distance Available of 2640 m.
* ILS is available for CAT I approaches.
* Elevation of the runway at the point of the excursion is 95 feet (28,90 m) above sea level.
Weather : Weather information at Trabzon Airport shows it had been raining there since about 22:10 hours with visibility deteriorating to about 4000 meters at the time of the accident.

Following the accident, ‘It has been reported that the right-hand engine may have suddenly increased thrust and caused the aircraft to swing violently to the left. It is possible that something like this occurred late into the landing.

‘As the aircraft slows the air flowing over the fin and rudder (often referred to as the tail) reduces and control is weakened to a point where the aircraft relies on the grip of its tyres on the runway to keep straight.

‘A very large amount of thrust at a very slow speed would rapidly overcome the grip of the small nose tyre and turn the aircraft.’

20:14 UTC / 23:14 local time:
LTCG 132014Z 00000KT 4000 -RA BR BKN002 BKN025 08/07 Q1021 NOSIG RMK RWY29 VRB01KT

Information clarified after the accident:
Commercial aircraft accidents take months or years to investigate, such is the painstaking nature of that work.

*One of the pilots claimed that an engine had a power surge, which caused asymmetrical thrust. During the investigation, it was found out that the right engine did not stop properly, which caused the plane to deviate from the runway.

APA/March 2019.

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