Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300 ER sustained damage at Istanbul New Airport

THY Turkish Airlines flight TK2108, a Boeing 777-300ER, sustained damage to the right-hand wing tip leading edge after hitting a communication tower (mast) at the side of the taxiway. 
Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300 (TC-LJE) hit the tower upon taxi for departure at Istanbul Intl Airport (LTFM), Turkey. The right outer wing of flight TK2108 to Ankara sustained damage.
The aircraft taxiing out for departure at the time of the incident. 
The flight #TK2108 to Ankara were cancelled. No injuries were reported

Extensive Investigation has been started to determine the reason of incident. According to the sources managing the New Ist Airport, Ground Control should’t have instructed the Plane which has no clearance on T12 taxiway where is not assigned to wide body airliner. Moreover The Crew should’t have taxied on narrow body taxiway.

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