To become a pilot should not be so easy, fast and funny ..

Hi Buddies,

I m the Founder of APA, American Pilot Academy,

First Of All, American Pilot Academy is very proud of your close interest. That means we have been doing the things right for you. You are all closely and eagerly  interested in having the qualified information about Flight Training in USA, your questions are very welcome.

Let s start giving some tips about our training, FAA CPL/EASA ATP A License Flight Training Periods and Procedures.

We have to explain the things making APA different from others in USA.

We have succeeded three important things since we came to USA,

Accelerated Flight Training, saving your time and money for reaching your aims in flight training as soon as possible

Combined Flight Training, in terms of both FAA and EASA. Our aim is to make the procedures understandable and simple. We don t want any time consuming process in flight training.

Third one is the Initial Preparation Training, Initial Preparation Training is the kind of training making you aware and informed, including practical flight, Simulator training and theory lessons just before the PPL and IR which is gone a give u better familiarization to Flight Terminology, Subject Matters, Regulations before starting the training, Here are all the things We have done for u. 

To become a pilot should not be so easy, fast and funny ..

If you need more information Pls visit our webpage www. AmericaPilotAkademisi .com or

Call the Number +15617292845 on what’s up . 


Amerika FAA/EASA Flight Training Chief (CFII)

USA : +1 407 729 6843

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