THY Airbus 321 bound to ISTANBUL from TBILISI made an emergency landing on course, Trabzon

Turkish Airlines (THY) flight to Tbilisi-Istanbul, the aircraft stroke the bird after a while after the take-off. The aircraft that came out of the engine breakdown, made an emergency landing to Trabzon Int Airport on its course after 35 min safe flight.

THY’s TK-383 TC-JRV tail registered A321 type airplane was vented from Tbilisi Airport at 6 pm on the way to Istanbul from Tbilisi city of Georgia.

The crew, which entered the bird carriage a while after departure, requested permission for an emergency landing by passing through Trabzon Airport Air Traffic Control Tower.

A few laps in the air, the aircraft landed at Trabzon Airport smoothly and safely. After the landing, the passengers and  flight crews were taken to the waiting hall on the outside lines, and the maintenance team started to find out the engine trouble.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that THY  sent a new plane for passengers to get back to ISTANBUL.

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