ICAO Level 4 Prepetarion Number:8

Pictures Of Accident – Private Airplane Accident:6

The picture shows the miraculous landing on the Hudson River. During the take-off from La Guardia airport in New York. The airplane hit the flock of birds which instantly reduced the thrust both engines. The plane suddenly lost thrust on both engines during ascending to assigned altitude.. The captain and the tower both looked desperately for the runway, both in La Guardia and other airports in the vicinity. But on the spur of the moment, it became clear that they wouldn’t make it to any runway and the captain decided to land in the Hudson River. All 154 passengers were saved. Nobody was hurt. The picture shows the moment after the landing

when the passengers and the crew are already on the wings waiting for the rescue service to come and pick them up. The doors to the fuselage are open. The plane landed in the glider style with the wings in the ideal horizontal position and the tail at the appropriate angle. The descent speed was ideal…..

if it wasn’t the fuselage

The plane may have disintegrated.

Pictures Of Accident – Private Airplane Accident:5

In the picture, I can see the light land-airplane which ditched a few meters off the beach. Emergency landing to sea requires additional skills so the pilot has done a good job to make the place land safely and horizontally.

The sea is not rough, it’s very smooth in fact. So if the pilot managed to glide down with the tips of the wings in perfect horizontal positon he could actually land safely on the water. Congrats s. It seems that there has not been much damage done to the aircraft. In the background, there is a coast-guard boat. But there is no rescue operation going on. Maybe the plane didn’t make it to the runway, there are many possible reasons for the incident: fuel shortage, steering problems, command-system failure, engine failure..

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