How to convert Turkish ATP A Licence To FAA ATP A License (ATP CTP Course Requirements in USA )

Dear Friends , I would like to help the Airline Pilots who are currently flying in Airlines in terms of converting their licenses from ICAO JAA ATP to FAA ATP License..

Here are the steps for ICAO JAA ATP Holders to convert their licenses to FAA ATP easily.

Step I : You will have to have the Turkish CAA (SHGM) verified your license to the FAA. It may take 60/90 days to confirm the License. Normally It would take 4 weeks.. Because of the crisis between USA and Turkish Republic , All Procedures has been prolonged to the 60/90 days..
How to write an email to FAA . Pls see the sample outline.

Subject: Foreign PPL to FAA PPL conversion request

To Whom it may Concern

I am Private Pilot License holder of Turkish Civil Aviation
Organization. I would like to fly PIC hours in Flight Training
Organization ” Aerostar Training Services LLC” located in Orlando- Florida- USA.
For this reason i would like FAA to verify my foreign license and
provide me FAA PPL based on my Foreign PPL please. Needed documents
and AC Form 8060-71 are attached to this email.
Appendix A: JAA ATP License , Appendix B : Medical Certificate, Appendix C: AC Form 8060-71

Best Regards

In waiting period, Aerostar Training Services is to issue I20 Paper to apply to USA Consulate for M1 Visa. Tourist VISA B1/2 is not to be accepted by any ATP Course Provider in USA. M1 Visa is a must.
Application to USA Consulate and get M1 VISA.

Step II: Enrollment to TSA .. You will need a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) background check. Online Application to address

Flight training candidate requests an account to access the Alien Flight Student
Program by completing the account request form. You will access the TSA website:

Once there, you will go the section that says Create A New Account. Click ‘ENTER’, and this will take you through the instructions on how to set up your account with TSA. Remember to always submit personal information exactly as it appears on your passport.

Important Note: Before enrollment Procedures, You r supposed to enroll the Aerostar ATP CTP Course Program and You should have the school code and other important info asked by TSA Online Registration.. Enrollment fee: 130 Dollars..

My advise to my promising pilot Friends, You shall complete the all procedures related to TSA acceptance. In the period you ll be having couple of email sent by TSA. Pls follow up all emails and keep them safe…

Step III : You have to complete the ATP CTP classes.
After a week lecture onsite (4-5 days condensed classes) , ready to Take the FAA ATP Written Exam. The best way is to study Written Exam in TURKEY.
(My advise to attendees is to enroll the Sheppardair ATP Written Exam DATABASE.. I think You pay 85 Dollars one time, including all question database which is updated, FAA ATP Written Exam… )

If you re already type rated.. That s all you have to do.. 

If you need type rating in B 737/ A320. You ll be training  almost one month ” Initial Type Rating SIC Program ” 

Step IV: You must pass the 737/320/777 type rating program. (Whichever You have had)

How much does it cost ? Actually 10 K is good enough to meet all expenses, including ATP CTP Course Fee, Accommodation (at least 20 days in Orlando), Car Rental, Exam Fees, Enrollment Fee, FAA Examiner Fee and so on…

Deidra is the Operational Manager of Aerostar and She s very eager to foreign Student. If you write her directly; She ll be answering you ASAP.

Deidra Toye
Chief Executive Officer
AeroStar Training Services, LLC
3954 Merlin Drive Kissimmee, Florida USA 34741
+1(407) 888-9011

That is all.

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  1. Admin

    It’s important stuff to know, but the first three (and a half) days are mind boggling boring. Loads of death by powerpoint and instructors sharing their stories. Depending on the instructor it may be fun or awful (If you get our Instructor Hunt you’ll have a blast!) You’ll discuss loads of topics like weather, CRM, aerodynamics and jet/turbine performance and general air carrier topics (nothing airplane specific). The CTP class will not cover anything on the FAA ATP written exam, so be sure to study Sheppard Air about a week or two before attending. After the first few days, you’ll have three sim sessions. It good to pay attention, but it’s not super serious. The course is designed to introduce you to an airliner and see how it goes together. I enjoyed my CTP class, but it’s a long week.

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