FlyDubai: Aborted takeoff due to having no takeoff clearance in MOSKOW

On 2 December 2018, a flydubai Boeing 737-800 (A6-FEQ) was attempting to take-off from runway 06R at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport yet without clearance by air traffic control. At the same time an Aeroflot Airbus A330 (VQ-BBF) was crossing the runway, the air traffic controllers quickly saw the possible danger and instructed the flydubai to abort its take-off roll. 

FlyDubai B737-800 (A6-FEQ) apparently attempted to take-off from runway 06R at Moscow-SVO Airport (UUEE) without clearance. Tower quickly instructed the pilots to stop and the take-off was safely aborted. Flight to Dubai took off about 20 min later.

Flydubai flight FZ918 aborted the takeoff at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport after commencing the takeoff without clearance. At the same time, another aircraft was crossing the runway.
The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800, taxied onto runway 06R at 06:54 and began rolling for takeoff. At the same time Aeroflot flight SU151, an Airbus A330-243 (VQ-BBF) was crossing the runway via taxiway A4. The aircraft had just landed on runway 06C after a flight from Havana, Cuba, and was taxiing to the terminal.
Since the tower controller had not yet issued a clearance for takeoff, flight FZ918 was instructed to abort. The aircraft then vacated the runway via taxiway A3 and taxied to a parking spot on the apron, where it arrived at 07:26 UTC.
About 09:00 UTC the aircraft left the parking spot and taxied to runway 06C, from where it took off normally at 09:27 UTC.

Taxiway A4 crossed runway 06R at 2770 m from the runway threshold. At the time of crossing, there was a separation of about 2050 m between the two aircraft.

Weather about the time of the incident  was poor with visibility decreasing from 4000 m at 0630Z to 1700 m at 0700Z due to snowfall:
UUEE 020700Z 14004MPS 1700 1400NE R06C/1700D R06R/1700D SN OVC013 M06/M07 Q1021 R06C/450130 R06R/450130 NOSIG
UUEE 020630Z 14005MPS 4000 -SN OVC012 M05/M07 Q1021 R06C/450130 R06R/450130


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