EASA Full Program in USA, Accelerated, Integrated, with as little as 10 Months.

American Pilot Academy APA  is the first  flight school in USA that has had Accelerated and Integrated with EASA Program within as little as 10 Months in FLORIDA/USA. This distinction feature, sustainable maintenance support onsite, synchronized  by the European Aviation Authority (EASA), clearly demonstrates the high level of training and  center of  excellence of APA.

Upon course completion, the licensed pilot will hold an EASA ATP  Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Frozen ATPL).. Moreover, All Pilot Candidates even will be rewarded with triple-license, FAA CPL, EASA and ICAO JAA ATP License at the end of training.

Here are the basic details of EASA Programs,

Programs:  America AB INITO FAA CPL ME and ICAO JAA ATP and  EASA Flight Training (Zero to Hero), including 14-Theory Lessons.

  Course Requirements:
* Requirements; High School Diploma (Minimum), English Proficiency Check (min. ICAO level 4 Standard ), FAA Health Check, Class III. 

* Aforementioned  total course  periods completely based on students’ level of English Proficiency. So, Initially English Proficiency  test will be performed to all candidates.   (Online test includes reading, speaking, understanding parts within 10 minutes.)

* (For non-citizens only) TSA Approval is required to become a student in the USA, which takes at least  2 weeks to become a student pilot in the USA.


-Program I and II America EASA ATP License Training is for those who want to fly in Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia, Africa..
-Program I : After taking 14-EASA Theory Exam taken in USA, In order to be entitle to having EASA ATP License, Every student will have to fly EASA Conversion Flights in EUROPE Flight School , including ME and IR Conversion within 2 weeks.
-Program II: After taking 14-EASA Theory Exam in EUROPA, In order to be entitle to having EASA ATP License, Every student will have to fly EASA Conversion Flights in EUROPE Flight School , including EASA CPL Training, ME and IR Conversion within 6 weeks.
-English is the primary element of Aviation, even more important rather than skill…So, English is an absolute must ! Our aim is to give you self confidence in Pilot Training and make you a safe pilot flying globally… If you accomplish Programs aforementioned, You ‘ll be rewarded triple-license, FAA CPL, EASA ATP, ICAO JAA ATP.. The sooner you start, the closer you are to your new career. 

As  APA  We offer you all science, freedom, beauty, adventure..
-We would like to remind you again Pilot Training requires full commitment, considerable interest, extraordinary struggle and dedicated work.

If you need more information Pls Don’t hesitate to get in touch with US.. 


Amerika FAA/EASA Flight Training Chief (CFII)

USA : +1 407 729 6843



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