Cobham Aviation plane crashes into light tower at Perth Airport

A Cobham Aviation plane carrying fly-in, fly-out workers collided with a terminal at Perth Airport.

The plane’s brakes failed as it was taxiing for take-off, causing it to roll and become wedged between a light tower and a terminal at Cobham Aviation.

There were 62 passengers and 4 crew members on board but no injuries were reported.

Passengers described it as a “massive jolt” and were told not to take photos or videos as they were escorted off the plane.

“Perth Airport can confirm a Cobham aircraft made impact with a light tower while taxiing in the general aviation area at approximately 2.20pm,” Perth Airport said in a statement.

“Emergency services are on site however there are no injuries to passengers or crew.

“This incident has not impacted any other operations or services at Perth Airport.”

Emergency services at the scene.
Emergency services at the scene.Picture: 7NEWS/7NEWS

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it had been notified of the incident.

The plane was on its way to the Granny Smith Gold Mine, south of Laverton.

In a statement issued this afternoon the airline said the plane involved was a Cobham RJ 85, a four engine jet aircraft.

“The aircraft was departing from Cobham’s ramp when it came into contact with ground equipment,” they said.

“As a result, the nose of the aircraft was damaged.

“None of the 62 passengers or four crew on board were injured.

“The aircraft was operating a regular afternoon service to the Goldfields region in Western Australia at the time of the incident.

“Cobham is currently working with all the relevant authorities and will fully co-operate the investigation.”

Two men who we’re about to start their first shift at the mine but wished not to be named said they heard a loud bang before being jolted in their seats.

“It was nowhere near getting rear-ended in a car but yeah, we could feel it,” one said.

“It could have been a lot worse.

“Better a brake issue happen now than when we land.”

Perth Airport: A view of the airport from the control tower. Photo by Michael Wilson, The West Australian.
Perth Airport: A view of the airport from the control tower. Photo by Michael Wilson, The West Australian.Picture: Michael Wilson/The West Australian

A short time later, a pilot reportedly told passengers they were required to disembark due to a brakes failure.

Within five minutes, crew members had started to allow passengers off the aircraft.

One of the men said it was only after they had walked down the plane’s ladder and along its side had they seen the damage.

They said the nose of the plane had been dented on impact.

Another man sitting nearby said one wing was on a roof.

Despite the hiccup to their plans, the duo praised the crew and company for how the matter had been handled.

Perth mechanical fitter Jaime Tanner had been travelling to and from the mine site for the past six months and said the flights always ran smoothly.

“I’ve never had an issue with the flights,” Mr Tanner said.

A replacement flight is reportedly set to leave from Maroomba Airlines shortly.
A replacement flight is reportedly set to leave from Maroomba Airlines shortly.Picture: Caitlyn Rintoul/ The West Australain

Bunbury cement truck operator Tom Ross described a loud bang but said the impact was minor.

A replacement flight is reportedly set to depart shortly.

The plane was towed out of the building a short time ago, as an investigation begins into how the plane’s brakes failed.

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