Army Helicopter Fell in to the Urban Area..

Bad news from Turkey, Two accidents occurred in two consecutive months..
The Turkish Army Bell UH-1 helicopter crashed in Çekmeköy, Istanbul, in front of a park for unknown reasons.

It is reported that a Türk Kara Kuvvetleri (KKK, Turkish Land Forces) UH-1 Huey crashed in Istanbul (Turkey) in the late afternoon of 11 February 2019.

Unfortunately, the crew of four was killed after the helicopter fell into an urban area named as Çekmeköy. There were no civilian casulaties on the ground.

In a released bad quality mobile phone video clip, it is seen that the helicopter made a slight right turn at a flight level of several hundred meters, this turn was followed by some smoke and then the helicopter was seen dropping to ground almost vertically. The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that the helicopter had in-flight technical malfunctions and was forced to land immediately.

The Turkish armed forces are operating total 130 Hueys, assigned to units within the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (THK, Turkish Air Force), the Türk Kara Havacılık Komutanlığı (TKHK, Turkish Army Aviation Command) and Gendarme Aviation Command.

Captain. Semih Özcan  – Ankara

Captain Ümit Özerli – İzmir

U/H Technician Senior Sergeant İlyas Kaya – Eskişehir

U/H Technician Sergeant Yakup Avşar – Niğde

In the Istanbul area the Army Aviation Branch operates Hueys from Istanbul/CEKMEKOY, Anatolia Side. These UH-1Hs belong to the 4th Army Regiment Aviation Command.
As Amerikan Pilot Akademisi (APA) , We would like to convey our condolences to the Army Aviation Community and families of Martyrs..
Rest in peace our martyrs… May God bless you all in Paradise..

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