Pictures Of Accident – Private Airplane Accident:3

I can see the debris of the light airplane which has been totally destroyed in the accident. All elements of the construction have been damaged. The airplane was flying strongly possible over the residential area. It crashed into the house or the garden. It is difficult to specify in which stage of the flight the accident happened: climb, cruise, approach. The picture depicts the remains of the wings, cockpit, undercarriage, horizontal stabilizer, elevator. Just behind the airplane,the Civil Aviation Authority inspector is collecting the elements for further investigation which may shed the light on what actually happened.


Pictures Of Accident – Private Airplane Accident:4  The airplane which is depicted in the picture crash-landed. It is standing on the runway bent forward and it is resting on the nose. The weather seems pilot-friendly and no adverse weather conditions. However, the problem might have been the mountainous terrain. Maybe the pilot didn’t see the runway in the distance during the final approach stage and then it was difficult to adjust speed and descent rate properly. The rescue team is standing in the vicinity of the aircraft but there is no rescue operation going on. The fire-rescue service is on alert in case of any fire or fuel leakage to the runway.

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