Pictures Of Accident – Private Airplane Accident:1

 In the foreground of the picture, there are two airplanes (the low-wing aircraft and the high-wing aircraft) that collided with each other during the touch-down of the white one and taxing to the runway of the red one. It is difficult, not easy to assess exactly what has happened. The visibility seems to be good so probably the pilot of the high-wing aircraft didn’t stop at the taxi holding point. The fuselages of both planes are intact but the propeller blades are broken and twisted. The flaps and ailerons are deflected. The red plane has its right strut fractured. Fortunately, there has been no fire and the damage seems light considering the course of actions.

in the foreground X in the background

the low-wing aircraft
the visibility has been good/
proper the runway

ignore the hold short rwy instruction
the pilot didn’t stop at the taxi holding
the fuselage is intact

the propeller blades are fractured, broken, twisted są popękane, połamane i
the right strut is fractured.
the deflection of the ailerons and flaps..
there has been no fire



Pictures Of Accident –

Private Airplane Accident:2  In the picture I can see the airplane that skid off the runway during landing. There are many reasons why it could happen. It seems that the visibility is good and the runway is probably in proper condition, so maybe the pilot landed short of the runway or he didn’t adjust the final approach speed properly. Also, there might have been some brake problems.
So i is hard to specify what happened precisely. The engines and the propeller have already been dismantled. The tail assembly (the rudder and the elevator) are intact as far as I can see.

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