4. What is your interest in aviation?
I love aviation. I am interested in all of the aspects of aviation. I have been reading books about the history of aviation since I was a child. Wright brothers were my childhood heroes. I love traveling, watching places, working with people. But flying airplanes gives me a great feeling that I have control over the big, heavy and very fast airplane. I am confident of my skills but I am aware of how much I still have to learn. Various types of planes trigger my interest and I constantly want to raise my competence and skills, fly new types of airplanes, there are so many wonderful machines to jump in the cockpit.

confident of/ about   – I am aware of …   –  various types of planes     – trigger interest

-Constantly – raise competence-

What is your job?
I am an airline pilot. I work for Fly Dubai Airlines. Currently, I am a captain/ first officer of E170/B737/B767. I am responsible for delivering passengers to their destinations quickly and safely.  I have to follow my monthly duty plan, company safety, and operational procedures.

I fly airplanes for recreational and passion reasons. In my job, I run my company. It deals with foreign language education.  I have the website on which I publish materials about specialized language in-law/ medicine/technology/ business and aviation. We will soon add cosmetology. I really like my job but all week I think about the moment when I climb to the cockpit and start up the engines. Aviation is my real passion and I want it to keep it this way..

5. What is your Experience as a Pilot?

I have been a pilot driven by a huge passion to fulfill my dreams. Every flight is a dream coming true for me. I collect and cherish all individual experiences. I enjoy taking off in the morning in the airfield surrounded by the forests and ascending to the flight altitude when the sun is rising and the sky is clear. Flying and observing the landscape below, recognizing the places I never saw before from the bird’s view, approaching the touch-down and communicating with the tower. The most amazing experience I have had so far was approaching the touch-down in the Dolomites, descending and holding the speed up in between the high mountains when the Destination airport became visible quite suddenly was the moment I was really proud of myself and gave me some sense of accomplishment.

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