1. Is English Important in Your Job?

– I am not a professional pilot. I work in the business so of course, English is essential both for my job and passion: In addition, In business, you just have to speak English well to communicate effectively in the modern global economy. I can’t imagine any contact, transaction, business travel without communicating in English. For aviation which is my great passion,
English is an absolute must. To avoid any misunderstandings which could be very dangerous. For the radio communication with the air traffic controllers and other pilots, for efficient education and personal development as a pilot.

2. Tell me about your Routine Flying Day….
I usually come to the operations room at least 1.5 hours before the take-off (start). Which from Monday to Friday it means 4 o’clock in the afternoon after I finish my work: it takes me 1 hour to get to the airfield, on Saturdays or Sundays. it’s easier, I usually fly in the mornings. I analyze everything very carefully: the routes, the conditions, I decide how much fuel I need to take if there are some other pilots present we often do the briefing together. I also check the airplane before jumping in the cockpit: if there are no fuel or oil leakages.. (Then I do the pre-flight check-in the cabin and enjoy the flight!! After touch-down I taxi the airplane to the hangar, go home to enjoy with my family the pictures I took during the flight. -fulfillment of the dreams- a sense of achievement- bring to earth safely- earn living interfere with-
3. What are the good and bad things about being a pilot?
The great thing about being a pilot is the fulfillment of the dreams. The sense of achievement and the feeling of freedom and unrestricted space when you are up there in the air. I also like the concentration and focus which is needed to fly safely. When I fly with my family, friends and business partners I am responsible for bringing them to earth safely, I like this feeling. I enjoy the trust which they put in my competence and skills. I also like that as a pilot there are no limits for my personal development. I have so many more levels of competence to get to and you know, there are so many types of planes to fly. The bad things: ok flying takes a lot of time, I do not earn my living as a pilot so sometimes flying interferes with my duties and family obligations. But with the those of goodwill, you can manage to perform well

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