An Emirates Boeing 777 attempted to takeoff without clearance while another jet was crossing the runway in Dubai

A second serious incident occurred in less than a month at Dubai International Airport on January 9, 2022.

An Emirates Boeing 777 accelerated for take off at Dubai – *without air traffic control clearance* – meanwhile another Emirates jet was crossing runway.

A Boeing 777-300 performing flight #EK524 to Hyderabad was lined up for departure from Dubai International Airport.

The aircraft started to speed up for departure without clearance from ATC while another plane was crossing the runway 30R.

The pilots were then instructed by ATC to reject takeoff due to the crossing aircraft ahead. Source claims the B777 was at over 120 knots.

The jet slowed, then vacated the runway but was later cleared to depart just 30 minutes with same crew.

The second Emirates Boeing 777-300 crossing the runway was taxiing for departure to Bangalore, performing flight #EK568.

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