Amerika da EASA ATP Lisans Eğitimi, Umit OZTURK Garantisiyle…

APA Olarak sizler için hazırlanan ve detayları açıklanan Programımız EASA ATP A Lisans Eğitimimize ait olup,

Eğitimlerimizin Üç Önemli Özelliği , HIZLANDIRILMIŞ, BİRLEŞTİRİLMİŞ (USA/Europe), HAZIRLAYICI TEMEL BAŞLANGIÇ EĞİTİMİ (Initial Preparation Training ) şeklinde kategorize edebilirsiniz.

  Course Requirements:
* Application to APA via e mail/ telephone Call.  (Requirements; High School Diploma (Minimum), Proof Of Financial Support, English Proficiency, Health Check)

* Aforementioned  total course  periods completely based on students’ level of English Proficiency. So, Initial Proficiency level, replacement test will be performed  following the application to Flight School. (Online test on WhatsApp/Skype includes reading, speaking, understanding parts within 10 minutes.)

 * (For non-citizens only) TSA Approval is required to become a student in the USA, which takes 2-2.5 weeks to become a student pilot in the USA.


–   Every candidate must join Initial Preparation Training (IPT) , IPT is a kind of training to make candidates aware and informed about the problems and troubles at the initial stage of USA Training. IPT includes at least 3 Hours practical flight, 10 H. Simulator training and 10 H. theory lessons just before starting the Flight Training, including  PPL and IR stages, which will give you better familiarization to Flight Terminology, Subject Matters, Regulations before starting the training in Flight School.

The Validity of Program II is for the those who want to fly in Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia, Africa.. Flight Schools in the USA are located in: Lakeland / FL, West Palm Beach/ FL, Clawiston/FL, Port Lucie/FL.

Pilot Training requires full commitment, considerable interest, extraordinary struggle and dedicated work.

NOTE: The Price doesn’t include accommodation expenses.


  Certified  Flight Instructor (CFII)

  Cell: +1 407 7296843 / +90 505 5212000  Skype : jplt89




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