A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 crashed off the runway when its front wheels collapsed during a bad weather landing

Turkish Airlines flight #TK467 from Istanbul suffered a nose gear collapse and runway excursion on landing at Odessa Airport, Ukraine due to adverse weather conditions..

The Boeing 737-800 (reg. TC-JGZ) performed a go around and finally attempted to land on runway 16. The nose gear collapsed during the landing.

The crew decided to deploy the emergency slides and the plane was evacuated.

On 21 November, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-JGZ) operated flight TK467 between Istanbul, Turkey and Odessa, Ukraine. During the first approach, the aircraft made a go-around before entering into a holding pattern.

The aircraft departed Istanbul, Turkey at 17:32 UTC on a scheduled passenger flight to Odessa. At 18:29 the aircraft approached runway 16, but the landing was aborted. The flight circled and positioned for another landing. The aircraft touched down at 18:55 UTC but suffered a runway excursion. Photos from the scene seem to indicate that the nose landing gear collapsed.

Actual weather during the accident made the situation worse..
1855Z: runway excursion
UKOO 211832Z 09011G17MPS 050V120 9999 -SN OVC017 02/M01 Q1030 R16/090060 NOSIG

DA for ILS 16 appears on chart , 102 meters (340 feet), There is an Overcast starting with 1700 feet together with Crosswind, Gust 17 Mile Per Second.. All above factors (Gust, low ceilings with night conditions along with snow fall, psychological frustration of GO AROUND at first attempt, possible deficiencies in CRM to make a right decision, simultaneous occurrence all these factors.. ) has been triggered the accident..
Detailed Accident report will be published bu Ukrainian Civil Aviation Authority..

According to unofficial sources, potential nose landing gear collapse ended out of the runway. After a missed approach aircraft circled over Odessa and skidded off the runway during second attempt.
At the same day, another Turkish Registered Jet experienced nose gear problem during take off and aborted..
At Odessa Airport, this is the second incident today. Earlier, a business jet stopped takeoff again due to nose gear issue and airport was closed between 12:00 and 14:00. The G150 corporate jet suffered substantial damage to the nose landing gear on landing at Odessa-Central Airport, Ukraine, belonging to the TAHE Aviation..
Later that same day a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 suffered a runway excursion and nose landing gear collapse on landing at Odessa.

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