Aerodynamic Forces (4-Force) in Flight:

Aerodynamics is the way air moves around Aircraft. The four forces of flight are “lift, weight, thrust and drag.” These forces make an object move up and down, and faster or slower. How much of each force there is changes how the object moves through the air. Weight comes from gravity pulling down on objects.  Lift works opposite of weight. Thrust works opposite of drag.

How to fly Airplane? The air pressure is higher on the bottom side/surface of a wing, so it is pushed upward and producing lift.  Once the forces are balanced, a plane flies in a level direction.

Climb: Lift and Thrust > Weight and Drug
Descend: Weight and Drug > Lift and Thrust.

The amount of lift generated by an airplane is controlled by the pilot by changing the Ange of Attack (AOA), As a pilot, you can change the angle of attack and the airspeed or you can change the shape of the wing by lowering the flaps (more lift in slow speeds). Shortly, Pilot is in a position to keep the control of speed, altitude and attitude of the plane.

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